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Sus BiblerMy horse, Le Mar, was my dream horse, super cute and very tolerant of my inabilities, even though he was only six when I bought him.  However, after about a year, I started having problems, which caused us to lose confidence in each other.  I’d known Betsy for a few years and asked her to look at LeMar and give me her opinion about whether he was the right horse for me.  She really liked him and thought she could help, so I agreed to send him to her and Jessie for three months of training.  A week after he came back to me, I took a clinic with Jessie………I got my dream horse back!  I have taken several clinics with both Jessie and Betsy.  They teach to improve both you and your horse, and always make the experience fun and informative.  Le Mar keeps getting better and better.  I can’t wait to see how far we can go!
Thank you Jessie and Betsy for giving me my horse back.


Catherine FordAll of my life I have loved horses. Luckily, many of my friends had horses that I could ride, until one day when I was sixteen, I fell off and broke my back. My riding lessons were at an end.

Fast forward some twenty or thirty years…I was an English teacher in the United Arab Emirates. Horses were everywhere. I was surrounded by, shades of The Black Stallion, Arabian horses. The urge to try riding again was irresistible, so I timidly began taking lessons. The riding instructors there were great, but I am not a natural athlete to begin with, and the limitations of having been paralyzed didn’t help. All I knew was that I was having fun and gradually overcame my fear of the “the dreaded C word,” as my instructor called the canter.

Once back in the United States I continued riding, taking lessons from various instructors until I found the Steiners. Their expertise and kind manner of encouragement for the horse and rider had me hooked from the first clinic. Jessie gives me good exercises to practice on my own with my, what else but an Arabian, gelding. Her explanations and suggestions make good sense, and I can feel a difference in my riding. Her comments and instructions take us from where we are to help us make as much progress toward being the best horse and rider combination we can be. Each lesson is challenging in the kindest possible way and has me coming back for more. I feel so fortunate to have found both Jessie and Betsy!

Catherine Ford


Mary Marbut I consider Steiner Dressage to be an incredible resource. Betsy and Jessie are accomplished, talented riders who have been blessed with the ability to teach! They graciously share the fruits of their labor with clients at all skill levels.
Both Betsy and Jessie travel to Stepping Stones Farm routinely throughout the year for clinics. I make a point to audit or ride when they come. I am always glad for the time spent with them and never go home “empty handed”.
All of us are individuals with different needs and expectations from our riding lessons and overall riding experience. It never ceases to amaze me at how Betsy and Jessie are able to engage and invest themselves in each lesson and each rider.

Mary Marbut

"Jessie Steiner is smart, experienced and a true Dressage professional. I've been working with her in Pittstown for the past year and a half. Her lessons are fun, but at the same time very technical. She has excellent insight into the athletic needs of both horse and rider, and always uses positive reinforcement to get the message across."

Amelia Ross

"As a weekly ship in for lessons, I come to Jessie with either questions or problems. Jessie is a great help clearly explaining what I need to do and the logic behind what I'm trying to accomplish. She sends me home with exercises to improve my riding and strengthen my young dressage mare. And Jessie's stories of her own experiences is just frosting on my dressage cake!"

Kate DeVoe

Kathy MastragostinoTo ride with Betsy Steiner is a real treat. In addition to being a lovely rider, she also possesses a true talent for explaining the correct use and positioning of the rider's body to most effectively influence the way the horse uses his body.
The horse's use of his body is a reflection of what is happening in the rider's body. It is the rider's responsibility to be as straight and as flexible as possible. Betsy has a wonderful eye and is quick to spot an unevenness or potential for crookedness and correct it. Betsy is mindful of the horse's and rider's "process" in learning. She is patient but persistent in getting the rider to be the most effective and correct they can be and at the same time is considerate of the horse.
I enjoy my lessons most because Betsy has several ways to explain, or even through exercises, show me and my horse the feeling for correct movement. I feel my suppleness, effectiveness and awareness has improved and I have more information to pass along to my students. I am so excited to see what tomorrow will bring. Thank you Betsy!

Kathy Mastragostino, USDF L Graduate, Shamong Dressage Center, Shamong, NJ

"I initially went to Jessie Steiner for help with the sale and training of my horse. I was amazed to see first-hand the quality of care my horse was receiving and the individualized coaching sessions clients were offered. Jessie introduces her clients to fun and functional programs to help enhance their riding program. Jessie has a super positive attitude, is easy to work with and is creative with her approach."

Lisa Tindall

I began attending clinics conducted by Betsy several years ago and have enjoyed each experience immensely - - her observations and recommendations have greatly expanded my abilities in dressage, and now, along comes Jessie who is living proof of the old saying "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree" - - she had a great teacher and was obviously an exemplary student. Both are wonderful in the arena and both have the ability, or perhaps "gift" would be a better description, to observe a problem, interpret it, explain it, and then recommend corrective action commensurate with the rider's abilities. They are both very "down to earth" and willing to work with lower level riders on less than perfect horses - - they display great patience with "mature" riders who may have developed bad habits over many years as well as beginners who need to learn the correct way to work with their horses - - they are very good listeners and encourage a dialogue between themselves and the student and, last but not least, both Betsy and Jessie always find a way to throw some humor into the mix.
Bravo Betsy and Jessie!

Susan Hannah, Canton, GA

"I am so glad to give you the highest rating possible! Since I've come to Steiner Dressage with my average young horse I have been treated by all as though I was riding an FEI contender! Not only does Jessie and her mom have a very high knowledge and skill level but they do everything with a smile and a happy, pleasant and accepting attitude. Horses (as we know) provide highs as well as serious lows. You keep us encouraged! Thank you!"

Penny Seeder

Lesley PortenI just had to tell you (Cindy Bickman) how excited I am about the Pilates work I am doing with you! It already is making me more aware of my body. After our workout today, I took a lesson and felt I made strides in changing my hips while sitting in the saddle! My lesson was great, my horse was happy and I am feeling accomplished! My lessons with Jessie have also helped to make changes and I am having a great time with my horse. Isn't that what it's supposed to be about! Sometimes I lose that perspective! So I have in few short weeks helped my mind with Laura King, my body with you, and my riding with Jessie!

Lesley Porten, Alpharetta, GA

I have both audited and participated in Steiner clinics, and I can honestly say that time and time again these gals impress me with their way, not only with the horses but also the people. As a psychotherapist I value the art of connective communication and both Betsy and Jessie are masters of this nuance. I expected this of them from the saddle, but to see this skill also translate to the people they interact with was to witness a transcendent type of wisdom. When they teach they are ultimately present with the perfect balance of intensity and softness that inspires a focused, receptive energy in you and your mount. No matter what level you and your horse are, the Steiners are impeccable in discerning the dynamic of the partnership and then turning up that music to reveal great harmony. Both Betsy and Jessie are sensitive composers who tune in carefully and always manage to bring out the best rhythm in the ride. Keep singing that song J and B...our horses are grateful for your sound!

Missy Nordstrom, Alpharetta, GA

As an independent rider who primarily trains alone, I am always looking to supplement my riding and athleticism. Body, Mind, & Spirit is the perfect addition! Betsy Steiner's book has helped guide me through the German dressage riding scale with clear instructions for physical, intellectual, and emotional progress. The beautifully illustrated exercises are carefully explained and easy to follow. My horse's impulsion and collection have especially benefitted. I thoroughly recommend Mind, Body, & Spirit to all equestrians.

April Austin PhD, Missouri USDF Gold, Silver, & Bronze Medalist

Vivian DeMerchant"Livin' the Dream" and then some! I am so lucky to have been able to train with Betsy in Florida for three months. Every ride with Betsy coaching was magical! We had day after day of positive experiences. The mistakes did not matter, they were learning experiences. I learned to ride with more feel and a lot more body awareness than I have in the past. Along the way I was reminded – by example – to be kind and sympathetic to my horse as he tried to figure out what we were trying to accomplish together.

Vivian DeMerchant & Keiren, New Brunswick, Canada


I started riding when I was 8 years old and have had the opportunity to ride with many renowned trainers.  I rode hunt seat equitation all my life and started learning dressage 3 years ago.  Dressage has been a humbling experience for me.  Even though I was very successful as a junior and amateur rider I learned I really didn’t understand how to communicate and get the most of my horse.
 In 2005 we purchased my horse Fonzie a Dutch Warmblood.  He was successfully shown in the hunter division for several years.  During his career he has had some lameness issues and recently was lame for a period of two years.  With the help of our Vet and Farrier we were able to put him back together again.  After some research I learned long lining was an excellent way to rehabilitate your horse.

Kathleen Graham & FonzieLast November I met Betsy at a local clinic and started our long lining program.  Since Fonzie had been out of work for two years he had no top line or muscle tone.  I have been working with Betsy for 8 months now and Fonzie has been totally transformed. When I look back at earlier videos I can’t believe how much his body and self-carriage has changed.
Recently I injured my back and now I am unable to ride.  Betsy has given me a new way to enjoy my horse and now I am able to ride him from the ground. Fonzie and I both truly enjoy the work and look forward to each new accomplishment in our work program.  We have learned to leg yield, shoulder-in, haunches-in, walk pirouette, half steps (piaffe), half pass, serpentines, flying change, and recently we successfully executed Training Level Test One via long line.
 We owe all of our progress to Betsy.  Her training style and methods take you to the next level effortlessly.  She gives you the confidence and motivation to be a better rider and horse person.  Fonzie and I are grateful for the opportunity to work in her program and look forward to many years of success together.”
Kathleen Graham & Fonzie

Becky M"After years of being away from the sport of dressage, I had the opportunity to ride my new horse in a clinic with Betsy. I was amazed at the way Betsy was able to quickly identify what each horse and rider needed to work on in their lesson.  Our focus was on keeping my mare straight, which will help me manage her body in various movements.  We concentrated on shoulder-in.  The skills we worked on were broken down in such a way that I was able to recreate the same feeling at home. Betsy was positvie and energetic throughout my lesson. I am really looking forward to riding with her again soon!"

Becky M.

In October 2012 I bought a two year old Rubinstein/KrackC cross sight unseen from New Hampshire. I was not looking for a horse, however Betsy wisely knew better. In June we came to NJ where we both learned to long line and then he stayed at Camp Steiner until late October.

This was one of the best decisions I have made. I had completed the initial longing, saddling etc  and sat on him but Betsy and Bob Murphy got him walk trot and cantering on the bit, hacking out and even an adventure to a show as a non-competing horse. They made it a positive experience and confirmed workmanlike habits that will stand him in good stead for the rest of his life.

They kept his attitude positive and fresh physically and mentally . I can't wait to start training with Betsy together. Thanks Team Steiner!

Blair Bowers

Suzan Saylor"Today I rode with the CD.  It was the best ride ever on Feisal!  Everything was soft and fluid, and my position was great.  Everything went really well, even the zigzags.  I love this CD!  Would give them to all my students as gifts.  I love your voice and as I was driving home I was wondering why Feisal was so willing and so in front of my aids and why when I asked for Piaffe and Passage it was so effortless.  Then I realized he remembered your voice.  This was a blast, like having a lesson with you all the time. Thank you so much."

Suzan Saylor

Suzan Saylor

Georgia"My dream to learn to ride dressage came true when I found my beloved Majestad. Little did I know that
the art and science of dressage involves much more than riding for pleasure. It involves many sacrificies as to prepare and train not only the horse but the rider consitantly with patience to be able to to reach true partnership between horse and rider.

I am very fortunate to have wonderful instructors who look at every aspect of my training so one day I can fulfill my dream. Through them, I had the opportunity to meet Betsy. My goal for the clinic was to learn how she can help me put together my pilates with my riding training to be effective with my aids and to accomplish this by using them independantly.  We decided to concentrate on my seat, breathing and overall position by having a longe lesson. Betsy succeed since I could follow not only her words but I was able to feel where I needed to be for my horse to perform with just the change in my position.

The clinic was not only successful for that day but I have been able to continue practicing what she taught me and we make new progress every time I ride and train the equilates. I look forward to the next clinic.

Thank you Betsy for the dressage lessons which in my life go beyond dressage. I admire you for who you are, an elegant, knowledgeable, sencilla, a real lady who I enjoy tremendously to be with and hope to have by my side in this wonderful journey of dressage."
Caroline Hofland

Georgia"Jessie's lessons are great!" She is really nice and she makes Dressage really fun!"
Georgia D
Amwell Valley Hounds Pony Clubber
– age 8

“Our pony club has been so fortunate to be able to hold a winter lesson series with Jessie Steiner at her beautiful Pittstow, NJ facility. Jessie is absolutely wonderful with the kids. Everyone is thoroughly enjoying the series and they are learning so much. Jessie has been so accommodating and welcoming to all of us. We couldn’t be more thrilled.”
Paige DiRoberto DC Amwell Valley Hounds Pony Club

Pony Club

"Recently, I had the opportunity to reconnect with Betsy when she gave a clinic outside Atlanta last October. I had ridden with her several times in the past, but now I had my “schoolmaster” and was very excited to get her input.  What a great two days! Wanting more I headed to Florida to work with Betsy for two weeks.

WendyIt was wonderful! She worked with me each day, explaining everything my body needed to do and without me realizing it, pushed me out of my comfort zone.  I loved how I could ask her anything and appreciated how she helped me with my confidence. She is an enthusiastic teacher that obviously loves what she does, regardless of the level of the horse or rider.

So many times, I would “get it” while the clinician was with me, but couldn’t recreate it when on my own. Yet, when I got home this time, the most wonderful thing happened…I got on my older horse and could recreate the feel I had on my schoolmaster using my newly acquired skills.  The way I see it, that’s what makes a good teacher a great one!"
Wendy Limerick
Caper & Danos

Kathi Barrett"Steiner Dressage is the ultimate in professional training. I had the honor and privilege to ride with Betsy last year for a week's worth of training, inspiration and insight into classical dressage. She encompasses 'Mind, Body and Spirit' working one on one with you and your horse to establish that cohesiveness and teamwork every dressage rider strives for. Jessie Steiner coordinated everything necessary to make my trip up from Va to NJ a positive and rewarding experience. This winter I experienced the amazing "Vino", the Equicizer. Vino is a wonderful tool to improve your posture, balance and seat aids. Coupled with Betsy's personalized instructional technique, this completes your riding experience. Frits and I had an awesome experience with "Team Steiner" and plan to come back this spring! Frits and I have greatly improved; Steiner Dressage rocks!!"
Kathi Barrett

"This is from Deborah Woodard. My horse is Whitman.  The end of June will mark two years at BSD in full training with Jessie.  I came to the barn with a hunter/jumper background.  Whitman, an accomplished schoolmaster, and I had already spent a year together but found ourselves confused and getting nowhere.  BSD designed a program that included professional training for both of us. This approach helped my horse to regain the confidence he had lost and set me up for success each day as a progressively higher percentage of time in the saddle was transfered to me. Jessie's approach is educated,  systematic, compassionate and positive, her toolbox varied and creative.  I have discovered a more effective seat through which I can communicate with Whitman in a language he understands, to recognize when I need to look in the dictionary for a new word and to begin to form the phrases that can make riding such a joy.  I am now the primary rider with Jessie tuning up as needed as we begin our progress towards the 4th level tests."
Deborah Woodard

My experience with Betsy has been nothing short of life changing. To be able to train with someone with all of her international experience is like a dream come true. Betsy has worked and continues to work with the best people in the dressage community yet she is willing to share her time and expertise with everyone. I was very frustrated and had all but given up and lost my passion for riding when a great friend introduced us. One of the best things about Betsy is how she puts her heart and soul into both you and the horse. My horses love Betsy and that really makes me happy. She approaches each horse and rider combination horse with a speclal feel for what is right for them. I appreciate that she is able to talk to you about all aspects of bring your horse along through the levels and that it is so much more than just hopping on and riding. She is very honest and will tell you what you need to be doing with your horse. Betsy has so much to offer I am excited every time I go see her. Her barn has a wonderful atmosphere that makes you and your horse feel calm and relaxed too! It is like coming home where everyone is happy to see you and very supportive. I am so thankful to able to train with such a talented yet gracious lady.
Patti Thompson

"Betsy...Wow! What a great clinic I had with you. Thank you so much for your help. I am never disappointed at your clinics and you NEVER fail to "bring it"! So thank you. You have so much wisdom and knowledge. I am always greatful for your ability to share it." Missy Bartel, Riverbend Ranch, Augusta Kansas

Here is what my husband, Dick Anderson, said to Betsy. “I admire your knowledge and skill, but what I appreciate the most about you is the grace, courtesy and respect you show to each of your students no matter what level they ride.” We both appreciate Betsy’s knowledge and professionalism. Wanda Anderson, Missouri

KatieThis past weekend, Betsy came to my farm for a Dressage and Equilates Clinic. One of the riders was a Special Olympics athlete, Katie, who has Downs Syndrome. I have coached Katie in Special Olympics dressage for several years, and during that time, I have introduced her to pilates and Equilates, so it just seemed natural for her to participate in the clinic. I thought I knew Katie's riding ability pretty well, but once again, Betsy raised my standards. She taught Katie just like she taught all the other riders. She expected Katie to use her outside upper leg to control her pony's shoulders, and to play with her fingers to get the pony round and on the bit. She asked Katie to trot around the whole arena, do little "flowers" crossing the centerline, 10 meter circles, and turns onto the centerline. And just like alot of the other riders in the clinic, Katie got out of bed today and said to her mom "I'm a little stiff this morning from working so hard in my lesson with Betsy yesterday!" Just one more example of Betsy working her magic with horses and riders. - Cindy