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Equilates, a unique program for the Equestrian, uses the basic premises of Pilates: promoting elongation of the spine, muscular flexibility and balance, as well as emphasis on strengthening the core to ensure the relaxed concentration and flow needed to promote the partnership between horse and rider. With Equilates™ training, the rider finds it easier to understand and put into practice the classical principles of riding. In addition, Equilates pays close attention to the mind/body connection incorporating not only Yoga principles, but also the elements of T’ai Chi and the practice of visualization.CLICK HERE to visit Equilates.

Do the Math

Because the rider is the leading partner in this dance with her horse, Betsy’s training system addresses the rider’s development first. Horses are reflections of their riders and only when a rider has control over her own position can she begin to reach her potential with her horse. The Equilates exercises are designed with this in mind. In order to positively influence her horse’s body a rider must train to be strong and supple and learn to be aware of her own body.
It is Betsy's firm belief that with training, all things are possible!

Stretch Cover


A stretch workout designed by Betsy Steiner specifically for riders, focusing not only on flexibility but also on core strength & stability. Includes Equilates tips from Betsy. Easy to incorporate into your daily routine at home or at the barn. The kit comes with an EquiStretch band, detailed descriptions & stick figures of each exercise.
Also available with Teaching Guide (In the Teaching Guide, Betsy gives additional tips about how to teach & perform the stretching exercises to achieve the maximum benefit for riders.)

CD Cover

Volume 1 Seat & Position

An audio CD to play while you ride. Narrated by Betsy Steiner with inspiring music in the background, Betsy gives reminders to the rider about correct position at the walk, posting trot, sitting trot & canter, all based on her Pilates-based exercise program for riders EQUILATES.

Book Cover

Using Mind, Body & Spirit

"This book maps out a marvelous approach to riding, using the classical training pyramid as a base for Betsy Steiner’s mind, body, and spirit system of training. She presents this together with solid, gymnastic, physical advice for both rider and horse, and the result is a unique compilation of all Betsy’s best qualities as a horseman."
- Klaus Balkenhol, Olympic Team Gold Medalist for Germany in 1992 and 1996, and Coach of the U.S. Dressage Team 2000–2004

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